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14 November 2011 @ 09:48 pm
01. New layout! ginger_noodle pointed me towards some awesome overrides and here we are. I'm still not sure I love how light everything looks without hovering, but we'll see. Now who wants to point me to pretty icon makers and new friends? I'm lonely and my userpic page is too.

02. I wasn't crazy about New Girl at first. I have a low cringeworthy tolerance and Jess was a little over the top in the beginning. (She's still over the top, but more bearably so.) However, Jess/Nick was intriguing and I've loved Max Greenfield since I ran his fansite back in the day, so dumping it wasn't a real option. After the last three episodes, I am firmly addicted/shipping Nick & Jess hardcore. (If this was me five years ago, I would already have their fansite up and running.) I don't even care that they're putting on the breaks and bringing in Justin Long. I STILL LUFF THEM THE MOSTEST. (For the record though, CiCi/Schmidt is pretty great, too.)

Since new ships always mean stalking the internet for whatever paltry amount of fic my small-time ship has amassed, I obviously spent too much time at work today digging for New Girl fic. My favorite so far? Lay My Head on the Hood of Your Car by falseeyelashes. It's long, and great, and hot.

03. On a way less awesome note, OMG COMMUNITY I WILL MISS YOU. I wish NBC would let us know how long it will be off the air. Alison Brie made a reference to summer on Twitter, but that could've just been a guess. I swear, if this season ends up being twelve episodes... #nothappy

04. Random Real Life Note: I'm the Publisher/Editor for a zine cooperative in Chicago. We put out a couple zines a year, and the second issue of our mothership is out! You can read it online, and if you do, let me know what you think! <3

05. I miss crossover fic... and choco_cherries. (Someone stop me from doing what you know I want to do.)
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01. I'm back! Finally! [Insert lie promise that this will never happen again.] I miss fandom and you guys, but mostly you guys. Catch me up on yo lives! (For anyone who doesn't remember who the fuck this is, I made a handy dandy life story post for you.)

02. Now that I'm back, I need layout overrides. All my old standbys are long gone. Any suggestions?

03. Let's talk about last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother, shall we? I need to go home and reevaluate how I make life decisions.Collapse )

04. I may or may not be obsessed with John Mayer/Taylor Swift. Up until two days ago, I despised him and had a love/hate relationship with her. I'm not really sure what changed between then and now, other then I accidentally stumbled across and read I Was a Dreamer Before You. Fifteen fics later, I'm shipping it hardcore and scrounging for any and all fic I can find. I have officially become an RPF kind of a fangirl. Don't judge me. (/give me recs if you have them)

05. On a related note, I'm obsessed with their duet. (Even if it isn't a real duet and you can barely hear her.) It's still pretty great. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should listen or download. (On a side note, I don't understand the video for this song. Is he the groom? If so, did he call off the wedding or did the bride? Someone needs to explain these things to me.)
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I'm back! I promise. At least, for now.

It's been a long time since I was an active poster 'round these here parts. So I thought it would be nice to share a little (or a lotta) background. Feel free to skip. This is just for people who are interested/new friends who are confused. I though it'd be handy to have this kind of thing around.

Click if you're interested.Collapse )

So yeah, that's me. I go to school full time, work even more time than that, and have an obsessive personality. Zines, comics, television, and music are just a couple of the things that push my buttons.
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01. Halloween weekend has been so crazy that, now that it's actually Halloween, I'm wearing sweats and sitting in my apartment alone. Homework time, it is. (Though I think Blair might come over later.) I went to parties Thursday night, Friday night, and last night. I was pretty much on the wake up at 3pm/go to bed at 3am schedule so now my sleep pattern is sure to be fucked up all week. All things considering though, it was a great weekend. I went to the parties as Rosie the Riveter so my costume was cheap/easy but pretty recognizable as soon as I did her signature pose.

02. I got a Wonder Woman tattoo on Wednesday! For those of you who aren't aware, she's basically my idol/topic of my thesis/very important to me. It's fairly large (8" tall, 3" wide) and on the outside of my right calf. Right now, it's just a black outline but it'll be filled in next month and then maybe she'll get a background by Christmas. It wasn't too painful but definitely uncomfortable as I had to stay still while keeping my leg at an odd angle. I only wish it was summer so I could wear shorts and show it off.

03. Why is no one doing the Crossover Comment Ficathon? It's seriously making me sad. GET ON THAT SHIT PEEPS. And pimp like a chimp with a limp.

04. I miss Bones and therefore hate baseball. Though this season has been mediocre. I'm over all this Hannah shit. Mainly because Booth's so obviously trying to convince himself that she's the one he wants and it's really over done. I was re-watching the beginning of last season and there were so many good Booth/Bones scenes! I miss those :( I also need more Daisy/Sweets in my life.

05. I'm wrapping this post up with a meme. Give me the topic for a Top 5/Top 10 List and I'll post it all prettified later this week. It can be as simple or complicated as you like, fandom or real life-related. JUST GIMME.
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I've been wanting to do this forever so I figured "why not today?" I think the subject line is pretty self explanatory but here it goes...

1. Post a new comment with the fandoms in the subject line. The ship and prompt in the actual comment.
2. Reply to other comments with fic of some sort or size.
3. Any questions/comments can be put in the first thread.
4. Pimp this shit like you've never pimped anything before.

Example Subject Line: Friday Night Lights/Heroes, het
Example Comment: Claire Bennett/Tim Riggins, And if you ever said you missed me, don't say you never lied.

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01. Work has been particularly great this week. My department is spread across two locations on opposite ends of campus but we're moving to a new joint office in a better location this week. Which means everyone is busy setting things up in the new space. As an assistant whose main job is event planning, promotion, and design, I don't really play a part in that. So I've been sitting in my cubicle, making icons, and occasionally doing homework. 'Tis awesome.

02. I really miss crossover fic. It's been way too long since I've read some and it's making me itch to restart choco_cherries. I love that community so much but I always feel bad going back after an unannounced hiatus and being like NEW CHALLENGE ZOMG GUYS! Maybe I'll host a crossover comment ficathon? Would anyone else be down for that? I think it would be fun but I dunno...

03. Thoughts on this week's Castle, 3x05.Collapse )

04. Thoughts on the last two episodes of Chuck.Collapse )

05. Thoughts on Mike and Molly so far.Collapse )
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18 October 2010 @ 04:58 pm
01. Wishing LiveJournal would be more active is really hypocritical since I've been flisting and commenting, but not actually posting. Need to work on that.

02. Annie Edison is my fandom bicycle. Her and Jeff will always be my Community!OTP, but I also love the idea of her with Troy and/or Abed (plus a number of crossover ships). In fact, the whole show is like a big seven-way tandem bike. I totally ship Britta/Troy and I could deal with Shirley/Pierce in a passive 'let's pair everyone off' sort of way. The only one I just really don't like is Britta/Jeff, which I'm not saying to alienate anybody who does ship them. I just... don't see it. To me, they're more like crutches for each other. Also, Slater can go die in a corner somewhere.

03. This fall's television season is pretty lame. None of the new shows have been obsessed and/or addicted. In fact, none of the new ones even seemed all that interesting but I tried out like five or six just for the heck of it. None of them have really stuck. I'm still on a Community high from my obsessive watching last month, and really loving The West Wing (though I'm quickly losing steam now that I'm in season four). Even though I'm downloading like 10+ shows a week, most of them sit in a folder for several days before I get around to watching them. Mainly I've just been getting hooked on 30 Rock via Netflix Instant.

04. I miss making fandom graphics. I'm constantly using Photoshop and Illustrator for class and work, but it's just not the same. I made a new graphics community, pushtopull, and posted a new bunch of icons and such here. Some of them are new, but a lot have been sitting in a folder for over a year (which is sad on a lot of levels). So please, check them out/friend the community/etc.

05. My opinion on a possible Gilmore Girls movie has completely changed, thanks to Milo's recent comments. Like most Literati shippers, I got over the crappy ending by telling myself that Rory and Jess found their way back together and are now living happily ever after in Philadelphia. I was fanatically against a movie because I assumed my bubble would be popped. Now... maybe not. I still don't think it will happen and, even if it does, and even if he's in it, a million other things could still go wrong, but you never know...

PS. Welcome new friends!!
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19 September 2010 @ 12:13 am
01. After multiple attempts at a hide_r comeback, I realized that it just wasn't going to happen. The girl that made that account over five years ago was someone else entirely, and I think it's time for a fresh start far away from all the clutter and emotional baggage stored in that journal. The only thing I brought over are some of my all time favorite icons and you guys. So if you missed me/still love me, add me back.

02. Community is my new obsession. I kind of fell into it like I did How I Met Your Mother oh so long ago. I immediately liked it but about two discs in, all the genius came together and I got hella obsessed. It doesn't hurt that Annie/Jeff is all kinds of awesome and the ensemble cast kicks all kinds of ass. (Marry me, Donald Glover?) Suffice to say, I've been fanfic-ing it up all week. (The fact that I've hit week three in the new semester and the homework is starting to interfere with my fic reading is annoying to say the least.)

03. Sometimes I wish I could hit a button and immediately shut down my Facebook, Twitter, and phone so that any time someone tries to contact me through any or all I can be like "I'M NOT LISTENING NANANANANA." Someone invent that please. Today has been filled with so much unnecessary drama thanks to a friend of mine who acts like we're all still in high school. Someone please let me know why we all can't just grow the fuck up?

04. I'm carotoe on tumblr if anyone wants to be buddies over there as well. It's part fandom, part things that amuse me, part me getting on my soapbox. As in, it's just like everyone else's. Gimme your link though!

05. I need a real mood theme almost as much as I need to get off my butt, go to the Walgreens next door, and buy another box of Flav-o-Ice. Bonus points to self if the mood theme is full of pretty shippy goodness or if the latter still comes in coke flavors (Dr. Pepper FTW).

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